Upcoming Shows W Anthony Patch

We have some upcoming shows with Anthony Patch with Very Huge information

regarding Cern and the Antichrist System Raising the BEAST!

Anthony Patch and Kris from ETMN with Tim Clark has Decoded Quantum #s with Ancient History Pin Pointing and PROVING how the Elite Worship SATURN and His Son JUPITER! The UN is Building Arches for All over the world Right now for Jupiter’s Conception 11/20 end  of Vatican Jubilees and Birth Sept 23 2017. Obama has declared on ready.gov website and on videos THIS IS THE YEAR OF OUR LORD. Well His Lord is Jupiter through ISIS AS Horus. Thats not My lord is JESUS CHRIST!

We are not date setters and  do now know the Hour Jesus us coming but we can look at the Bible and the Prophecy and know that it is here- War is HERE.


The BEAST rises out of the Earth and with Anthony through out our revealing videos we will prove this is what CERN is doing.





A GIANT to rule the world that the 10 Kings of the TPP They have one Purpose to hand its Power over to the Beast! for the New World Order! Mark of the BEAST!




APOLLO WHO IS JUPITERs Casket is under Cern Where his Temple is. It is the Same thing as the tower of Babel.




Anthony will Discuss DNA Sequencing in a later Video coming out.

And finally Thank you to MIKE WICK we will collaborate the DNA and #s that connect to

the MARK OF THE BEAST! Mike is truly a Genius and has helped us a lot with reseacrh!


GOD BLESS YOU ALL! The Election is 11/8 everything is a Code pointing to The preparing of Jupiter to Rule! Apollo who is Under cern in the PIT to Rise as the BEAST!




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My name is Kris and I woke up a few years ago to the New World Order Agenda. I was looking for other Christians with understanding of all of this and I met Tim on End Times Matrix News. He asked me to join his show and we became a great team. Tim is a really good friend in the Lord. When I first started Research I wanted to find out the truth about the world and history that I could connect to The Bible. Ive been on a very deep spiritual journey with God learning the truth about the world system and the reasoning from a biblical point of view. Also connecting the dots from Ancient History to the Bible stories and whats going on in the world today. Jesus tell us to expose the dark. My heart is for Jesus and the salvation of others. I put all my trust in Jesus not the world or man.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Shows W Anthony Patch

  1. When will you have new Anthony Patch discussions? (date?) I very much like listening to ETMN. I wish you had a better page layout and more frequent videos.
    Thank you.


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